1 Plan your meals

Remember the last time you bought a loaf of bread that you didn’t get around to eating before it went off? If you’re like most of us then there’s a good chance that it wasn’t too long ago!

To avoid spending money on food that you throw away you could start by planning some of your meals. If this is new for you then don’t plan out every meal for the week; just start by planning a few dinners.

You’ll probably spend 15 minutes planning your weekly meals and writing a shopping list.

You’ll save time because:

  • You will know what you need to buy
  • You can take leftovers for lunch the next day
  • You won’t need to go to the shops as often

You’ll save money because:

  • You will only buy what you need
  • You won’t be buying food that spoils before you get a chance to eat it
  • You won’t need to buy takeaway as often if you have everything you need to make a delicious meal
Image of a calendar with meals planned for each day of the weekview full size image

Meal planning - it all starts here!

Image of a quick and easy mealview full size image

Choose to make easy meals if you know you are going to be really busy

Image of a fridge with a meal plan stuck to the frontview full size image

Plan some meals and then pop the meal plan on the fridge for everyone to see


  • Plan an easy dinner for those nights when you know you’ll be busy or home late
  • Think about how you can use the ingredients that you already have
  • Choose meals that use fruit and vegetables which are in season when you’re planning meals; your food will be fresher and taste better

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